Beauty + Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBD Detoxify + Repair Skin Rituals

The beauty industry has always been one of the fastest to adapt to new technology and innovation. Current industry trends position cannabinoids as the new age (yet traditional) solution for beautiful skin, making cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) the two most crucial cannabinoids in the skincare and beauty industry.

Beauty salons and spas often advertise CBD-infused therapies for the body and face using fancy statements that make it hard to understand CBD’s exact benefits. In reality, cannabinoids aren’t limited to beautification and have a lot more to offer for your skin and the maintenance of your skin’s health.

Inspired by the beauty industry hype around CBD and CBD’s recent legalization, several beauty parlors and spas are including CBD in their therapies. The CBD industry, like the beauty industry, benefits and suffers from lenient regulation.

As consumers, it’s important that we educate ourselves. What are the benefits of CBD for beauty products? Are CBD-infused beauty products safe? Read on below to discover the powerful whole-body benefits of CBD and CBG and the contribution of these skin-care botanicals to the beauty industry.


Most of us know, at least vaguely, about cannabidiol (CBD) and its therapeutic properties. Why are the various skin-care benefits of cannabigerol (CBG), another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, not as well known? Unfortunately, there’s a lack of research regarding most plant cannabinoids that aren’t THC or CBD. Besides, interest in CBG specifically as a potent skin-care ingredient is relatively new.

It doesn’t help that CBD-rich hemp isn’t grown (yet!) to optimize the production of other cannabinoids like CBG. The availability of CBG is scarce because CBG is hard to extract in large quantities, especially when most hemp flower doesn’t have enough CBG to begin with.

Nevertheless, CBG is a unique cannabinoid and has many therapeutic benefits that other cannabinoids like THC and CBD don’t have. Cannabigerol can be thought of as “the parent of all cannabinoids” because most cannabigerol found in the cannabis plant is converted to other cannabinoids (including CBD and THC!) during plant growth.

What are the benefits of CBG and CBD in beauty products?

CBG and CBD together can provide a lot of benefits! Many brands prefer CBG for its skincare properties. CBD and CBG-infused skin-care products tone, brighten, and hydrate skin while also providing your body with the resources it needs to support skin maintenance for a healthy glow that’s long-term.

CBD and CBG Fight Acne

CBD and CBG have some therapeutic properties in common: they’re both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. For those of us struggling with acne, this is great news because acne happens as a result of skin inflammation and bacterial infection. Because


most allergic reactions involve our body’s inflammatory immune system response, even acne that develops as a result of an allergic reaction to a synthetic drug or medication can benefit from the use of CBD.

Many can find relief from acne, eczema, and general skin infections by using CBD and CBG infused skin-care creams. When CBD and CBG reduce inflammation and prevent bacterial growth on the skin’s surface, daily beauty rituals involving CBD and CBGhelp treat and prevent acne effectively in the long-term.

CBD and CBG Hydrate the Skin

Dryness and poor moisture retention can spoil the appearance, health, and feel of your skin. Unfortunately, ordinary skin moisturizers may not be able to cope with harsh weather and city pollution. Moreover, you want moisture that lasts while many moisturizers give you smooth skin that is temporary.

CBD-infused moisturizers can help skin regain elasticity, keep skin hydrated and prevent skin from drying out. By incorporating CBD-infused moisturizers into everyday beauty rituals, you can boost how much moisture your skin retains for skin that looks its best all the time and with minimal upkeep from! CBD and CBG’s various antioxidants also have neuroprotective properties, helping you not only prevent but also reverse signs of premature aging!

Analgesic and Healing Effects

Harsh weather, pollution, stress, injury, and exercise can all damage skin health on a cellular level. Not all types of skin damage are equal and even the most minor scratches can turn into scars if left untreated. Various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne can also come with considerable pain. Too many of us have experienced the pains of a blind pimple or break-out become a migraine.

CBD and CBG infused topicals are the best option for those looking to maintain skin health while also treating and relieving underlying pain. Plus, CBD’s and CBG’s neuroprotective properties can help your skin prevent scratches and wounds from becoming scars.

The Final Verdict

Cannabidiol and cannabigerol are organic ingredients found in the Cannabis plant. As superpowered botanicals with a number of holistic wellness benefits, CBD and CBG can enhance overall skin health and the look and feel of your skin in the long-term. Thanks to CBD’s and CBG’s support of healthy skin cell proliferation and maintenance, CBD-infused beauty products are always a great addition to beauty and skin-care rituals that focus on anti-aging, hydration, and skin toning.