Authentic Juniper Joint Rub

CBD Strength:

Creaky muscles getting the best of you? Broke one stress ball too many?

Try Juniper Joint Rub, a hydrating salve powered by botanicals. Authentic mindfully chose medicinal herbs and essential oils that boost CBD's ability to relieve chronic pain for conditions affecting muscles and joints. Plus! Their base oils and butters are nourishing and certified organic.

For glowing, moisturized skin without pain, meet Juniper, your new best friend.

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract for muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory pain relief
  • Arnica for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties
  • John's Wort for its nerve and pain-relieving properties
  • Steam-distilled organic essential oils for various therapeutic benefits (anti-inflammation, pain relief, stress relief, and poor circulation)
  • Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Nut Butter for hydration and moisture retention

Olive Oil* (Olea Europaea), Hemp Seed Oil* (Cannabis Sativa), Avocado Oil* (Persea Gratissima), Coconut Oil* (Cocos Nucifera), Shea Nut Butter* (Butyrospermum Parkii), Beeswax* (Cerra Flava), Arnica Flowers*+ (Arnica spp.), St. John’s Wort Aerial Parts*+ (Hypericum Spp.), Proprietary Essential Oil Blend of: Orange* (Citrus Sinensis), Juniper (Juniperus Communis), Clary Sage* (Salvia Sclarea), Frankincense (Boswelia Carterii), Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha), Chaparral+ (Larrea Tridentata), Vitamin E Oil (Non-GMO), Rosemary Leaf (Rosemarinus Officinalis) Extract, Hemp Extractˆ *(Certified Organic/ +Ethically Wildcrafted/ ˆBiodynamically Grown in Colorado).