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CBD Beauty Products

Holistic beauty care to help you feel as good as you’ll look

CBD Beauty Products

Glow with CBD! Hydrate skin and soothe your body with beauty powered by botanicals.

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CBD Beauty Products FAQ

How to use CBD Face Masks?

CBD face masks are used to reduce acne, redness, and inflammation on the skin to promote youthfulness and elasticity. Wet your face with warm water and then lather the mask on. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse off.

How to use CBD Serums?

CBD serums can promote skin elasticity and get rid or marks like wrinkles and scars. Serums should only be used up to 2 times a week on the skin before moisturizing at night. Rub in the serum into the skin and let it breathe.

What are CBD creams?

CBD creams are used to provide relief for the surface or deeper muscle tissue. CBD cream is a topical cream which has been combined with CBD oil.



What is CBD skincare?

CBD infused skincare can be used in a variety of ways. From serums, face masks to creams and ointments. The variety of uses allows for a variety of solutions depending on what your skincare goals are.

What are the benefits of CBD skincare?

CBD skincare can be used to reduce hyperpigmentation, marks, wrinkles, inflammation, or redness in the skin.

What is CBD Lube?

CBD lubricant is lube infused with CBD. It is beneficial for women who find intercourse painful as it relaxes muscles, decreases inflammation and increases blood flow.



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